Fimi X8 Mini V2 - 2x Plus Battery

€348,00 s DPH

  • 3-axis Gimbal,
  • 250g-Class Ultralight Design,
  • Intelligent tracking modes
  • Night shooting
  • Powerful capture with flight plan

Video transmission up to 9 km
With the latest TDMA transmission system and higher sensitivity, the flight operation is flexible and convenient, and the transmission is stable and smooth.

Weight under 250g
With an ultra-light 250g trida design, the FIMI X8 Mini V2 that fits in the palm of your hand lets you fly freely wherever you are..

Fast charging battery with type C terminal:
The Type-C charging port enables fast 9V/3A charging.

Smart Tracking Modes:
The new SOC technology with built-in 2T AI can focus and stably track up to 30 kinds of targets such as people, cars, ships and animals.

4K Camera with 3-axis mechanical gimbal
FIMI X8 Mini V2 gimbal weighing only 28 g with the latest professional camera stabilization algorithm to an accuracy of 0.005° provides smooth and stable aerial images even at high speeds and strong winds.

SAR (search and rescue mode):
Thanks to the 6-fold digital zoom, GPS positioning, low weight and transmission up to 9 km, the X8 Mini V2 will be a great helper in search and rescue operations.

Fly in seconds with your smartphone
You can also connect to the drone with your smartphone via Wi-Fi without a remote control. Fast data transfer, low latency and strong 5.8 GHz high-frequency signal against interference HD image transmission in real time up to 100 m. Don't miss a beautiful moment.

Package Contains:
1 x drone with camera
1 x remote control
8 x propeller
2 x battery plus
1 x screwdriver
1 x gimbal cover
3 x cable
2 x instructions
4 x screws
1 x usb cable