EVO II Pro Enterprise Rugged Bundle V3

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Brand new 6K 1" CMOS sensor

Get a clearer image with Sony's 20-megapixel 1-inch CMOS image sensor. EVO II Pro V3 supports video resolution up to 6K with stronger noise reduction and higher frame rate.

  • Photo: 20MP
  • Video: 6k/30FPS
  • Aperture: F2.8~F11
  • ISO: up to 44,000


  • SkyLink 2.0
  • 360° obstacle avoidance algorithm
  • Moonlight 2.0 algorithm
  • Modular accessories
  • ADS-B signal receiver

360° obstacle avoidance

Equipped with 19 groups of sensors: 12 visual sensors, main camera, ultrasound, IMU and other sensors enable three-dimensional mapping and real-time route planning.

Autel Smart Controller SE

The 6.4-inch display with a high brightness of 800 nits is clearly readable even in direct sunlight. SkyLink 2.0 Transmission technology ensures long-distance transmission up to 8 km and improves protection against interference with FHSS (hopping between several frequencies). A customized Android system provides compatibility with third-party applications. Thanks to IP43 protection, you can use the controller in any weather.

Driver parameters:

  • 6.4 inch touch HD display
  • Maximum brightness of 800 nits
  • Temperature range -10 ℃ to 40 ℃
  • Degree of protection IP43

42 minutes of flight

Large propellers and improved flight algorithms allow an operation time of up to 42 minutes.

Improved heat dissipation

The EVO II Enterprise V3 has extended vents for better heat dissipation. Improved thermoregulation extends battery life.

  • Longer carbon fiber arms
  • Longer arms and larger propellers improve stability during flight.

A versatile tool

With an expanded selection of accessories, the EVO II Pro V3 can evolve from a simple display tool to a multi-functional flight platform that can adapt to different scenarios.

Reflector: A strong beam of light helps when searching or filming at night.

Speaker: Enables effective on-site communication through remote live streaming and pre-recorded audio loops.

Lighthouse: It shows the position of the aircraft at night to prevent accidents in air traffic.