DJI Osmo Action - Road Cycling Accessory Kit

€79,00 s DPH
SKU: CP.OS.00000288.01

Effortlessly change the positions of the Osmo Action camera to get different shooting angles. Suitable for use in road cycling.

Detailed description
Includes bike seat mount, mini handlebar mount, 360° wrist strap, quick release adapter, locking screw and hex key.

Switching camera positions is easy with the quick-release adapter. Attach the camera to the handle using the mini handle mount to capture the views ahead. Attach the camera to the bottom of the bike seat with the bike seat mount to capture your riding companions behind you on the road. Detach the camera during breaks and attach it to the 360° wrist strap for easy vlogging.

In pack

Osmo Action Bicycle Seat Mount × 1
Osmo Action Mini Handlebar Mount × 1
Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap × 1
Osmo Action quick release adapter adapter × 1
Osmo locking screw × 1
Osmo Action Allen Wrench × 1