DJI Osmo Action - Adhesive Mount Kit

€19,00 s DPH
SKU: CP.OS.00000043.01

Attach Osmo Action to flat or curved surfaces for expanded shooting options.

Detailed description

These handy mounts allow you to attach Osmo Action to a wide variety of sports equipment such as skateboards, bicycles, helmets and more.


When attaching the adhesive holder, make sure that the contact surfaces are dry and clean. Press firmly on the adhesive holder for 15 seconds to attach.

In pack

Osmo Action flat adhesive mount × 2
Osmo Action Curved Adhesive Mount × 2

Technical specifications

Osmo Action Flat Adhesive Mount:

Size: Φ42.5 × 12.5 mm
Weight: 8.8 g
Osmo Action Curved Adhesive Mount:

Size: 42 × 27 × 13 mm
Weight: 11.2 g

DJI Osmo Action