DJI Osmo Action 4 (Adventure Combo)

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The new DJI Osmo Action 4 action camera with the best image quality in its class. Capture the moment with stunning image quality with unmatched flexibility even in low light. 1/1.3-inch sensor and stunning low-light images, 10-bit and D-Log M color performance, frost resistance and long battery life, 4K/120 fps and 155° ultra-wide FOV, magnetic quick-release and native vertical video , 360° HorizonSteady, waterproof up to 18 mod ual color touch screen.

Main functions

  • 1/1.3 inch sensor and amazing images in low light
  • 10-bit and D-Log M color performance
  • Frost resistance and long battery life
  • 4K/120 fps and 155° ultra-wide FOV
  • Magnetic quick release and native vertical video
  • 360° HorizontSteady
  • Waterproof up to 18 m
  • Dual color touch screen

Action camera with the best image quality in its class

Sensing system

Start the action

Capture the moment with stunning image quality with unmatched flexibility even in low light.

  • 1/1.3″ image sensor: When recording with Action 4, you can use the potential of every pixel. The f/2.8 wide aperture and 2.4 μm equivalent pixel size ensure images full of detail.
  • 10-bit and D-Log M color performance: D-Log M's 10-bit color mode offers more than a billion colors and a wider dynamic range that you can use in post-production. 
  • 4K / 120 fps: The best shots deserve slow motion. Therefore, Action 4 has a resolution of 4K UHD 120 fps.
  • 155° ultra-wide angle: Experience an ultra-wide FOV that immerses you in the action with a perspective similar to what the human eye sees.

Great stabilization

360º Horizon Steady

360º HorizonSteady goes beyond simple action camera stabilization and corrects horizontal tilts in the car angle no matter how many spins, turns or turns you make. Are you planning something less demanding? Try HorizonBalancing for horizontal tilt correction up to ±45º.

RockSteady 3.0

The RockSteady 3.0 function ensures smooth stabilization of your POV shots, even when shooting in 4K/120 fps resolution.

Color temperature calibration

An advanced color temperature sensor ensures true color tones outdoors, indoors and underwater.

Underwater life

DJI Mimo can now sync visual information from the Action 4 camera's color temperature sensor to see details below the sea surface.

Ready whenever you need it

Using the scene

Break all limits

Limits are meant to be overcome. Action 4 is an action camera that lets you with countless features that are not only powerful but also intuitive.

Unlimited creativity, intuitive control

Magnetic quick release

Magnetic quick-release construction The action allows for quick readjustment whenever you need4.

Native vertical scanning

Vertical positions can be made easily and flexibly. The protective frame for horizontal and vertical shooting allows you to shoot vertical shots in a matter of seconds without losing quality.

Dual touch screen

Thanks to two water-resistant touch screens you don't need to rotate the action camera to adjust parameters when taking a selfie, switching modes or playing a video.

Custom modes and quick switch button

Thanks to features like SnapShot, you won't miss even the most interesting moments. Save frequently used settings to shortcuts C1-C5 and switch between modes during use with the Quick Switch button and voice prompts.

Robust performance, compact design

18m waterproof

You can operate the camera without worry even with wet hands. Action 4 is designed so that it can be submerged to a depth of 18 meters without a case. Very long battery life, fast charging support

The battery stays charged for more than 2.5 hours. When you need to make a hit, you can use the quick charge. It will be charged to 80% in just 18 minutes.

  • Long battery life: More than 2.5 hours
  • Fast charging: Up to 80% in 18 minutes

Low temperature, high performance

The design of active antifreeze batteries allows you to use the camera even on frosty days. Enjoy up to 150 minutes of recording at temperatures down to -20°C.

AI selfie stick removal

With the improved InvisiStick function, you can eliminate the selfie stick from the frame in a wider range of scenarios and get a breathtaking perspective. 

GPS Bluetooth remote control

Capture the entire shot with the GPS Bluetooth remote. Track and integrate data like speed, climb, logging and more.

Improving the atmosphere

Smart modes

Advanced recording options

The Action 4 camera is made for recording fast-paced sports matches, from dynamic shots with clear sound to seamless post-editing options.

Stereo recording

Immerse yourself in clean and clear sound thanks to the built-in microphone, which ensures high-quality sound. Action 4 also supports external connection to the DJI Mic microphone to expand the recording possibilities.

Reduction of ambient noise

Wireless microphone

The Action 4 camera is equipped with three microphones for omnidirectional recording with improved sound. A hidden microphone at the bottom of the action camera and advanced wind noise reduction software ensure clear sound even in windy or fast movements. Action 4 is compatible with DJI Mic, which has a transmission range of up to 250 meters. Action 4 can be connected to an external microphone using a Type-C to 3.5mm cable.

* Use headphones for the perfect experience.

Live streaming via Wi-Fi

Action 4 supports live streaming using your phone's Wi-Fi or hotspot. Just choose your preferred platform and resolution. With the help of an external source, you can use the action camera to charge even with longer currents to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting.

Voice interaction

  • Voice prompts: Briefly press the Quick Switch button and the camera will announce the current shooting mode. You can choose the desired mode even if you cannot see the display.
  • Voice control: Try voice control when you don't have your hands free. Use various voice commands for a fun creative process.

Time code synchronization

With Action 4's built-in timecode feature, you can synchronize footage from multiple cameras and increase editing efficiency.

LightCut application

AI editing

LightCut automatically detects elements in your footage and recommends the ideal shot sequence, so you get a great 4K HD video with one click. You can also choose from a range of create and create expressive content from an active experience.

Comprehensive accessories*

Versatile and ready

Accessories that improve creation

There is a new intuitive and very accessory that will make every scenario much more dynamic.

Mountain cycling

Osmo Action Chest Strap Mount : Creates an intense first-person view. Comfortable to wear with adjustable camera angle.

Osmo Action Helmet Chin Mount: Give viewers a breathtaking perspective from a camera that mimics the user's field of vision. It is easy to install and remove and works on different types of helmets.


Osmo Action waterproof case up to 60 m: Thanks to highly resistant glass, it provides waterproof protection up to a depth of 60 meters and allows it to be closed even under water.

DJI Floating Handle : The anti-slip handle is pleasant and easy to hold. Hollow construction action camera above water, so you can film without losing equipment. The universal port can be easily removed and connected to the waterproof case.


Osmo Action 1.5m extension pole : It is compact, easy to hold and flexible from 0.3 to 1.5 meters, which is especially suitable for selfies and multi-angle shots. A 1/4″ threaded hole on the bottom allows for accessory expansion for versatile use.

Osmo Action Base Kit : The flat adhesive base has a large 3M adhesive area with strong adhesion for secure attachment, making it suitable for a wide range of scenarios.


Osmo Action Bike Seat Rail Mount: Made of durable aluminum alloy, easy to use.

Osmo Action Mini Handlebar Mount: Supports 360° rotation for shooting from different angles. Its assembly is simple and no tools are required. The tube diameters are adjustable, so it is suitable for different models.

Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap: Put your action camera on your hand or wrist with the Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap and take immersive POV shots or quickly store the camera.

Other accessories

Osmo Action GPS Bluetooth Remote Controller: You can wear it on your wrist or attach it to the handlebars and remote control to start recording. Record sports data with built-in GPS and integrate it into video in the DJI Mimo app.

Osmo Action Mini Extension Rod: Palm sizes when stored. It can be expanded into four parts. It is comfortable to hold even for a long time. A built-in tripod on the bottom can hold the device securely in place for stable shooting. The construction with a ball joint on the upper side allows for more convenient angle adjustment.

Osmo Action Mini Handlebar Mount: Supports 360° rotation for shooting from different angles. Its assembly is simple and no tools are required. The diameter of the tube is adjustable, so it is suitable for different models.

Osmo Action 360° Wrist Strap: When riding a bike, you can put the camera on your hand or wrist to take immersive POV shots and quickly adjust the shooting.

Osmo Action Bite Mount : Secure the camera without having to hold it and take POV shots while surfing or cycling. It is made of durable food-grade material for comfortable, safe and trouble-free scanning.

Osmo Backpack Strap Mount: You can quickly attach the camera to your backpack and get POV footage during outdoor activities. When the action camera is not in use, it is safely stored inside.

Osmo Action Multifunctional Battery Case Holds three batteries and two microSD cards. It intelligently quickly charges three batteries and can be used together with these batteries as a power bank to charge other devices, for example a smartphone.

DJI Mic : The first dual-channel wireless DJI microphone system features superior audio recording performance that records more accurate and realistic sound, greatly improving the quality of output footage.

Osmo Action Hanging Neck Mount: A hanging neck mount using a unique material with a view to being comfortable to wear and you can shape it as you like. Use it to quickly capture POV shots while fishing, traveling, and more.

* All accessories listed in this section are sold separately.

In pack

  • 1x Osmo Action 4
  • 3x Osmo Action Extreme battery
  • 1x Osmo Action protective frame
  • 1x Osmo Action quick-release adapter holder
  • 1x Osmo Action quick-release adapter holder (mini)
  • 1x Osmo Action rounded adhesive holder
  • 2x Osmo screw
  • 1x PD cable type C - type C
  • 1x Osmo Action Charging case
  • 1x Osmo 1.5m extension rod
  • 1x Osmo Action sun visor
  • 1x Osmo Action anti-slip mat
  • 1x DJI logo sticker
  • 1x Osmo Action camera protective label (Celestial Grey)
  • 1x Brief guide