DJI Mavic 3 Pro - Set of ND filters (ND8/16/32/64)

€149,00 s DPH
SKU: CP.MA.00000668.01

A set of DJI filters made for a three-camera system and photographers to shoot challenging long-exposure shots with bright lighting or precise shutter control.

Detailed description
A set of ND filters meets the needs of photographers when taking pictures with long exposure or in strong lighting conditions (e.g. time-lapse with long exposure).

Filters give advanced users precise shutter speed control, allowing them to create smooth shots in bright environments with slower shutter speeds. The flexible use of this kit can ensure clear shots even when the shutter opens to 180° with low ISO.

The filters, which are specifically optimized for a three-camera imaging system, implement a lower light reduction for the telephoto camera to avoid the situation where the wide-angle camera and the mid-telephoto camera are properly exposed while the telephoto camera is underexposed.

*Shutter opening angle: A common way of describing shutter speed in relation to frame rate. Exposure time = Shutter opening angle/(frame rate × 360°). For example, if the camera records at 24fps with the shutter open to 180°, the exposure time is 1/48s.