Unpacked battery for DJI Mavic Mini 2

€26,40 s DPH

Battery in 100% technical condition with full charging capacity. The battery was individually checked by a technician, is in excellent technical condition, has 0 flight cycles /unused battery condition/, packed in a brand new box from SuperDrony.

The warranty for this battery is one year.

The intelligent flight battery for DJI Mini 2 features a high energy density, which not only reduces the overall weight, but also extends the maximum flight time to 31 minutes for even more fun. With DJI's built-in intelligent battery management system, battery health is monitored and reported in real-time, allowing you to focus less on battery health and more on flying. Stable energy performance and accurate calculation of the remaining flight time add another level of safety during flight. The battery has the SuperDrony technical label without affecting the technical specifications, quality and warranty of the battery. Also suitable for the DJI Mini 2 SE drone.