DJI Osmo Mobile 6 (Platinum Gray)

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DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is a smart smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features, 3-axis stabilization and a built-in telescopic pole. Not only is it compact and easy to fold to fit in the palm of your hand, but it also automatically launches once unfolded. The DJI Mimo app makes it easy to shoot, edit and share efficiently, allowing you to capture every memorable moment. Now in Platinum Gray color.

Detailed description

Develop your creativity

Osmo Mobile 6 is a smart smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features. Not only is it compact and easy to fold to fit in the palm of your hand, but it also automatically launches as soon as it's unfolded, so you can get shots in no time. Get dynamic angles and perfect selfies with the built-in extension pole. A range of smart features and wizards are at your disposal. The DJI Mimo app makes it easy to shoot, edit and share efficiently, allowing you to capture every memorable moment.

3-axis stabilization

Fast startup

Portable and foldable

ActiveTrack 5.0

Built-in extension rod

Simple tutorials and one-click adjustments



Compact and portable

Take your Osmo Mobile 6 on an exciting adventure. Its compact and foldable design makes it easy to pack away, and with a quick-release magnetic phone clip, you can get started without the hassle of taking your phone case apart. Click or select - you're ready to record or take calls in no time.

Fast startup

Osmo Mobile 6 automatically turns on as soon as you unfold it. Snap a paired smartphone and the DJI Mimo app will automatically appear, letting you start filming as soon as inspiration strikes. [1]

3-axis stabilization

With 3-axis stabilization, capture smooth, lossless creations on the go that impress and amaze. Osmo Mobile 6 integrates DJI's advanced stabilization technology to bring you strong, stable, shake-free results right in your hand.


Looking good

The new Platinum gray color is elegant, neat and stain resistant. Thanks to the improved ergonomic design and anti-slip handle, Osmo Mobile 6 fits perfectly in your hand.

Simple operation

Conveniently check the battery level and system status indicator and switch between gimbal modes with the new built-in [status panel]. Press the M button to jump between four modes to meet your shooting needs or add creative flair.


In Follow mode, the camera view follows the movements of the gimbal as it rotates and tilts, and remains stable during rotation. This mode is suitable for shooting up, down and diagonally.

Tilt lock

The camera view only follows the movement of the gimbal and remains stable during panning and cloning – ideal for horizontal photography or moving around a subject.


In FPV mode, all three axes of the gimbal follow the movement of the main body. This is great for dynamic shooting of static objects such as monuments, buildings or statues.


Push the joystick left or right to control the rotation of the camera view and create dynamic shots. Ideal for shooting with push, pull and high angle movements.

Just go to control

Effortlessly and seamlessly control zoom and focus with the new [side wheel] Osmo Mobile 6. Rotate the wheel to adjust the focal length for flexible composition and zoom in and out smoothly. And for even better film control, you can switch to manual focus with one press of the side dial.


Smart features on standby

Time Lapse: Curve time and space with Time Lapse, Motionlapse and Hyperlapse. With Motionlapse's simple templates, you can combine beautiful moments into impressive clips.

Dynamic Zoom: Use Move In and Move Out modes to get stretched and compressed visual effects to create sensational dynamic movements with your phone.

Gesture control: Gesture control makes it easy to take selfies or group photos. Creating a picture or starting a video has never been so convenient.

Panorama: Try three panoramic modes: 3x3, 240° or CloneMe are available for your creative vision. Try and see.

Story Mode: Story Mode offers a variety of templates with matching camera movements, transitions, audio tracks and more so users can share engaging videos with a single click. Custom templates are also available. It's your video, you control the shots.

Built-in extension rod

Get everything in the frame. Built-in extension means no one gets left behind. Include more friends, pets or beautiful scenery in any shot. Take dynamic selfies from higher or lower angles. Extend the rod to expand the creative possibilities.

Quick switch to portrait

Seamlessly switch between landscape and portrait mode by simply double-pressing the toggle button.


You don't take any chances with this gimbal

Keep up

ActiveTrack 5.0 is fully upgraded for more stable tracking over longer distances. [2] An improved version allows the front camera to track objects that are turning sideways or spinning. When camping, traveling or shooting on the street, the gimbal automatically keeps the subject in a dead center to make your footage more like a story.

Vlogs that stand out

Don't be afraid of bad lighting or distracting noise. With the DJI OM Fill Light Phone Clamp and DJI Mic, you're ready for any situation and equipped to take your content to the next level. [3]

You can handle it, from initial procurement to shipping

DJI Mimo

Even beginners can create like pros. In the camera view, tutorials appear at the start of many features with intuitive instructions and guides to get you started quickly. ShotGuides automatically recognizes your scenario and recommends a shot sequence along with instructions on how to get it. Choose from a range of templates, follow the instructions and shoot like a pro in no time.

LightCut application

Jump from the DJI Mimo app to the LightCut app, which offers one-click AI-powered editing and a range of exclusive video templates. From shooting to processing, it's a one-stop shop that's really welcoming to new creators.

Don't forget the accessories

DJI OM Magnetic Phone Clamp 3: Slide in and out for instant photography - the improved quick-release phone clamp lets you snap in without the hassle of taking off your phone case. And thanks to the strong magnetic force between the clamp and the gimbal, you can rest assured that your device is safe.

DJI OM Grip Tripod: The small and portable tripod can be unfolded to stand on a flat surface or can be used to further extend the gimbal handle. The anti-slip design allows for a comfortable grip.

DJI OM Fill Light Phone Clamp [3]: Built-in auxiliary LED lights provide three brightness levels and three color temperature options. Forget bad lighting, highlight your subject with the right light, wherever you are.

DJI Mic [3]: Enhance the sound quality to match your content. DJI Mic is DJI's first dual-channel wireless microphone system that consists of two microphone transmitters, a receiver and an ultra-portable charging case. It features superior recording performance to capture clearer and more realistic sound, perfectly matched to your Osmo Mobile 6 recording.