DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2)

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DJI Mini 4 Pro is our most advanced mini camera drone to date. It is equipped with powerful display functions, obstacles in all directions, ActiveTrack 360° function with new Trace mode and FullHD video transmission at a distance of 10 km (EU CE standard), which are features that will be loved by both professionals and beginners. Version with DJI RC 2 controller with display and Fly More Combo with extended accessories - extra 2 batteries, carrying bag, charging hub, propellers

Create big things with Mini

DJI Mini 4 Pro is our most advanced mini camera drone to date. It features powerful imaging features, omni-directional obstacles, ActiveTrack 360° with a new Trace mode and FHD video transmission up to 10 km, features that will be loved by professionals and beginners alike.

Lightweight construction

The Mini 4 Pro weighs less than 249 g and was made for convenient use on the go. Due to its weight, there is no training or registration required in most countries and regions. In the EU, the DJI Mini 4 Pro has a C0 class certification and it needs to be registered and theoretically tested at A1/A3 at the Transport Office. More information can be found here.

Higher sensing performance

Thanks to the Mini 4 Pro camera, which is equipped with a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor with Dual Native ISO Fusion, f/1.7 aperture and 2.4μm 4-in-1 pixels, you can easily capture even the most complex details.

Maximum visual effect

With HDR 4K/60 fps and video 4K/100 fps, you can take advantage of close-up shots, while 10-bit D-Log M and HLG help stunningly diverse colors and provide more flexibility when sharing.

4K/60fps HDR: 4K/60fps HDR resolution allows you to enhance high-quality footage.

Slo-Mo 4K/100fps: Thanks to 4K slow motion, you can achieve maximum activity at up to 100 fps.

High-quality night shots: The improved noise reduction of the night algorithms in the Mini 4 Pro models effectively suppresses noise and allows you to take clearer and better quality shots directly from the cameras.

1.07 Trillion Colors: Record in 10-bit D-Log M and capture more than a trillion colors. Natural color gradations and details in the entire spectrum significantly fine that the Mini 4 Pro enables post-production and creative editing at a professional level.

Dynamic footage to the maximum platform: No matter where to publish, HLG thanks to high dynamic content, you want to ensure that the colors and brightness are natural and realistic without editing or converting the format.

RAW-Several photos: Small things often make the difference. Preserve every tiny detail thanks to 48MP RAW and the new generation of SmartPhoto, which combines HDR imaging, scene recognition and many other functions.

More shooting options

True vertical shooting

It allows vertical uploading optimized for social networks and current news.

Large tilt angle

Achieve ultra-smooth camera movement with a single 60° tilt.

Digital zoom

You can take photos with up to 2x zoom and videos with up to 4x zoom.

Intuitive functions, improved flights

Safe fly

Thanks to the detection of obstacles in all directions, the Mini 4 Pro is very safe. Four wide-angle camera sensors and a pair of sensors of the lower camera system detect obstacles from all angles. The Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) ensures even greater safety by enabling automatic braking and obstacle avoidance during flight.

Longer flight, more time to create

Intelligent Flight Battery Mini 4 Pro ensures a flight time of up to 34 minutes and you can fully concentrate on your creation.

Video transmission over a distance of 10 km

Mini 4 Pro is equipped with DJI O4 video transmission. Enjoy extremely sensitive control and smooth live transmissions in FHD 1080p/60fps at a distance of up to 10 km.

Full functions

Waypoint Flight: Thanks to the Waypoint Flight function, you can easily repeat the route and increase production efficiency.

Cruise Control: Thanks to the Cruise Control function, you don't have to constantly move the control levers during long-distance flights, and smooth movement is also achieved thanks to smoother camera movement.

Advanced RTH : Mini 4 Pro can automatically plan a safe flight path to the starting point and return easily. AR RTH function longer route more sure control when flying back.

Absolutely masterful

A touch of cinematography

Mini 4 Pro offers three ways to easily produce the images you need: Spotlight, Point of Interest and the revolutionary new ActiveTrack 360° feature with improved subject tracking capabilities. By swiping your finger along the track on the trackwheel interface, you can create smooth movie shots. Omni-directional obstacle detection features make it surprisingly easy to avoid obstacles and achieve smoother, more stable shots for pro-level results.

MasterShots: Provides dynamic templates for camera movements tailored for portraits, close-ups and long-distance shots.

QuickShots: Offers Drone, Circle, Helix, Rocket, Boomerang and Asteroid modes.

Hyperlapse: Offers Free, Waypoint, Circle and Course Lock modes with unlimited shooting time and also supports composing while shooting.

Panorama: Supports 180°, Wide, Vertical and Sphere panoramic images.

QuickTransfer: Quick transfer of photos and videos to your phone without connecting with a remote control. Your creations will be ready to share instantly.

Editing with LightCut

LightCut supports wireless connectivity and intelligent composition and flight layer recognition, so you can quickly cut and create engaging videos with a single touch. By blending imported footage from ActiveTrack, MasterShots and QuickShots automatically assign sound effects and exclusive templates before placement and quality video production. In addition, there is no need to download footage during the editing process, which saves space on your smartphone's storage.

One-Tap Editing: On content types and also uses fluid intelligence and then selects the most interesting moments with camera movement and exceptional composition to create a cinematic video. You can easily create masterpieces with convenient settings for ActiveTrack, MasterShots and QuickShots, as well as efficient shooting and editing.

Intelligent sound effects: Generates immersive sound effects based on video content in real-time, bringing your aerial creation to life and changing it from "silent" to "alive".

Countless Aerial Shot Templates: Offers special aerial shots including nature, cityscape, tilt-shift effect and more. Import your aerial footage and create stunning widgets with minimal effort.

Get more from Mini

DJI RC 2: This lightweight and easy-to-use remote controller is installed in the built-in case of the DJI Fly, so it is necessary to use a smartphone. The high-resolution screen provides a sharp and clear image even in direct sunlight and optimizes the entire Mini 4 Pro experience.

DJI Mini 4 - Two-Way Charging Hub: The same Two-Way Charging Hub that is used for the DJI Mini 3 series. It can charge the remote controller and three batteries sequentially. It can be used as a mobile power source to power remote controls, also smartphones and other devices, and it is even possible that it is safe to use secure transfer.

DJI Mini 4 Pro - Wide Angle Lens: Capture vast landscapes with an extra-wide 100° FOV.

DJI Mini 4 Pro - Set of ND filters (ND16/64/256): Adapt to difficult lighting conditions with the ND16/64/256 filters and always be ready for a perfect shot.

DJI Mini 4 Pro - 360° Propeller Protection: Fully covers the propeller and is easy to attach and detach, ensuring safety with easy flight and removal.

In pack

1x DJI Mini 4 Pro

1x DJI RC 2 remote control

3x Intelligent flight battery

1x Bidirectional charging hub

1x Shoulder bag for drone and accessories

1x USB-C cable

3x Spare Propellers (Pair)

18x Screw

1x Screwdriver

1x Type-C cable and Type-C PD cable

1x gimbal Cover

1x Propeller holder