DJI Action 2 - Front touch module

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SKU: CP.OS.00000189.01

The module includes an OLED front screen, a microSD card slot and three microphones, making it ideal for vlogging and taking selfies. It can be attached to the camera unit using a magnetic lock. When connected, DJI Action 2 battery life increases to a maximum of 160 minutes, offers dual OLED touchscreens and 4-mic Matrix Stereo, supports Audio Zoom and Directional Audio, and can be used with an external microphone.


Once connected, the DJI Action 2 offers dual OLED touchscreens, so you can flexibly switch between screens and take the perfect selfie effortlessly. Battery life has been increased to a maximum of 160 minutes and 4-mic Matrix Stereo, Audio Zoom and Directional Audio are supported.


The front touch screen module is not waterproof or dustproof and should be used with a waterproof case for underwater activities.

In pack

DJI Action 2 × 1 Touch Screen Front Module
Technical specifications

Dimensions: 39×41.6×24.6 mm
Weight: 64 g
Touch screen: 1.76'', 350 ppi, 500 ± 50 cd/m², 446 × 424
Built-in battery
Battery type: LiPo 2S
Capacity: 1300 mAh
Energy: 5 Wh
Voltage: 7.7V
Charging temperature: 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Charging temperature: 5° to 60°C (41° to 140°F)
Operating Time*: Camera Unit + Front Touch Screen Module: 160 minutes
Charging Time**: Camera Unit + Front Touch Screen Module: 90 minutes
*Tested in a lab environment recording 1080p/30fps video (Power Reserve) with Electronic Image Stabilization turned off and should be used for reference only.

**Tested in a lab environment using a 5V/2A USB adapter and should be used for reference only.


DJI Action 2