Card DJI Care Refresh 1 Year Plan (Osmo Action 3) EU

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DJI Card DJI Care Refresh 1 Year Plan (Osmo Action 3) EU
Using a drone, gimbal or camera for the first time can be a scary experience for some due to the fear of damaging the equipment they just bought. Especially experienced professionals will appreciate the certainty that their larger investment will not lose value after a short time. DJICare Refresh is a premium 1-year warranty tailored specifically for the DJI Osmo Action drone, where it is tied to a specific model S/N. You enter this serial number and activation code on the DJI Care Activation website and your device is already covered by this service. It is an electronic license, so you will receive the specified code by e-mail when ordering.

The DJI Care Refresh service plan covers spare parts, repairs and replacements, shipping costs, and even up to 2 complete replacements for a small additional fee in case of accidental damage to the drone, such as various pilot errors, signal interruption and subsequent fall, drowning of the device or hitting an obstacle. There is an additional charge of €49 for the first replacement, and €59 for the second replacement, which represents a significant financial saving compared to the purchase price of a new drone. Don't wait for anything, protect your quadcopter to the maximum with this unique license and don't let your money go to waste!

Activation conditions
This warranty can only be applied to DJI Osmo Action drones, even if you purchased them earlier. However, the product must meet at least 1 of the following 3 conditions:

Brand new and unactivated drone
Quadcopter activated in the last 48 hours
Drone repaired at an official DJI service center with activation within 72 hours
Note: The service cannot be renewed after expiration, currently DJI Care Refresh service can only be purchased once for a specific product.

Main advantages
The DJI Care Refresh premium warranty of one year is tailored for the DJI Osmo Action drone
This license provides comprehensive product coverage in the event of accidental damage
This is an electronic version, so you will receive an activation code by e-mail after ordering
To activate the protection, just enter the warranty code and serial number on the DJI Care Activation website
The service plan covers spare parts, repairs, shipping costs and 2 complete product exchanges
You pay 49 EUR for the 1st exchange of the drone, 59 EUR for the 2nd exchange
VIP telephone support is available in the USA, Canada or EU countries including the Czech Republic
Free shipping within the region - DJI will pay for shipping to and from the service center
With this warranty, you no longer have to worry about the first use of the quadcopter you just purchased
Specifications: DJI is equipped with special equipment that is able to ensure safe operation:
Designation: service plan / premium warranty / warranty license
Suitable for: DJI Osmo Action drone
License type: electronic
License validity: 12 months
Services: spare parts, repair and spare parts, transport, 2 complete product exchanges, telephone support
Replaceable parts: drone body, propeller, hinge, battery, camera
Fees for a complete product exchange: €49 (1st exchange), €59 (2nd exchange)
Phone support availability: European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China