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DJI RS 3 also provides creators with a flexible and versatile shooting experience. It is light and simple, with professional stabilization and the necessary control for greater creative freedom and endless possibilities. DJI RS 3 is ready whenever you say so.

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It's about speed

Quick release plates

Thanks to the two-layer quick-release plates, camera mounts on the RS 3 are quick and more convenient to replace without rebalancing the gimbal after a new battery or memory card.

The newly added knob for fine-tuning the tilt axis moves the camera forward or backward with millimeter accuracy, so that it is easier to achieve a precise balance when changing lenses.

Automatic axle locks

RS 3 gives you instant action. If you just turn it off, press and hold the button and all three will unlock and unfold automatically, allowing you to get to work in seconds. just press the sleep button and the devices will automatically lock and go into mode, making transport and travel much more efficient. just hold the button and the gimbal will automatically fold and lock.

Wireless shutter control

Thanks to the implementation of Dual-Mode Bluetooth, the RS 3 supports wireless shutter control, saving time and effort with each one. After the initial pairing via Bluetooth, you can control the recording of videos and photos with the recording button on the stabilizer. just paired cameras will automatically reconnect after the first use, eliminating the need to use a cable to control the camera.

Check camera compatibility.

Keep your flow

Professional stabilization

Excellent weight to payload ratio

The RS 3 weighs just 1.3kg (including gimbal, battery grip and quick-release plates) so it can easily be held in one hand, while its 3kg load capacity is long enough for standard mainstream cameras, including the Sony A7S3 or Canon R5 with 24 lens -70mm f/2.8.

Check camera compatibility.

3rd generation RS stabilization algorithm

Thanks to the new generation RS stabilization, RS 3 provides a stable algorithm generation. Laboratory testing shows that the RS 3 delivers a 20% increase in stability over the RSC 2, effortlessly handling shots from low angles or while running or switching between high and low positions.

The comparison gives the stability testing

Beyond fluency

If you need even smoother results, turn on SuperSmooth mode. The RS 3 will increase the torque of the motor, further improving stabilization, allowing for stable shots even in high-speed situations or when using lenses with a focal length equivalent to 100mm.

Everything within reach

Instant check

Quick setting of parameters

1.8" touch OLED display

Compared to the black and white screen of the RSC 2, the RS 3 features a 1.8-inch full-color OLED touchscreen with an 80% larger display. It also supports a batch of the Ronin app and provides intuitive and precise control along with a refined user interface.

Instant mode switching

You can switch between Pan follow, Pan and Tilt follow and FPV modes by simply sliding the new gimbal mode switch. In FPV mode, it is also possible to switch between 3D Roll 360, Portrait or Custom, allowing you to prepare your equipment and start filming quickly.

Customizable front rotary dial

You can control zoom or focus by turning the front dial. It can also be customized to control the shutter, aperture, ISO, or camera gimbal movements, making it extremely suitable for one-handed operation.

Practical performance

Efficient video transmission

Monitoring with a utility

The RS 3 supports the Ronin Image Transmitter (formerly known as the Ronin RavenEye Image Transmitter) for HD 1080p/30fps live streaming directly to a mobile device. The maximum transmission distance is 200 meters [4] and the transmission latency between endpoints is only 60 ms. A smartphone can be connected to the NATO RS 3 port using the phone holder for wireless connection.


Integrated monitoring and control

You can remotely adjust camera exposure directly in the Ronin app or control the gimbal using a virtual joystick. Thanks to this, you get a complete monitoring and control experience.

Force Mobile

Thanks to the Ronin Image Transmitter, the smartphone can be used as a motion controller for the remote control of the RS 3 gimbal to achieve more flexible and dynamic motion cameras.

Concentrate on creating

A battery made for professionals

Quick release design

The new battery grip RS 3 features a distinctive design that delivers change compared to the smaller RSC 2 is and stores better. It can even be charged independently of the gimbal.

12-hour endurance and fast charging

The new battery grip provides an extended battery life of up to 12 hours, enough for continuous all-day shooting. It supports 18W PD fast charging with charging energy of only 2.5 hours. It can even be a device while charging, for almost unlimited RS 3 power.

Unleash your creativity

Smart features




Versatile accessories


New briefcase handle

The redesigned Briefcase Handle is for convenient storage and comes with a new ergonomic handle that is equipped and speeds up installation and switching to Briefcase mode. The built-in adapter and 1/4"-20 mounting holes can be connected to an external monitor for ease of shooting, making low-angle camera movement more intuitive.

Brand new sharpening motor

DJI RS Focus Motor The new generation motor (2022) always provides torque (up to 1 N·m) and reduces noise by 50%. This results in smoother focusing and reduced impact on audio recording. It also has a quick-release structure that allows for easy assembly without any tools for faster use.

Vertical camera mount

A vertical mount pops up to connect a different camera to the RS 3, allowing you to easily shoot vertically from different angles for high-quality content for social media.

Flexible handling

More operating modes

Vertical mode

Briefcase mode

Underslung mode

Transport and storage

In pack

1x Gimbal RS 3

1x Handle BG21

1x Lens mount support

1x Extended handle/tripod (plastic)

1x Quick release plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto)

1x Cable for controlling multiple cameras (USB-C, 30 cm)

1x Set of screws

1x USB-C charging cable (40 cm)